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About us:

We are a gym specialist company who have identified a need in the marketplace for a company who could assist and guide property developers, gym developers, and educational institutions. We have succeeded in getting the best possible deals with major equipment companies like Precor.

We as a company stand strongly for ethical business and corporate governance. Our aim is to see that you get the best possible value for money and that your gym that you create is exactly what you have anticipated but hopefully even better than what you ever dreamt. We stand for integrity and loyalty towards our clients and assure you the best possible service available.

To us it only matters that you succeed in creating your optimal facility. We are here to assist you in putting up a facility that is perfect for your needs and that you get optimal equipment out of your budget. By going to any equipment company directly you will probably be told a million stories of why their equipment is the best for you because they have to make sales. We, on the other hand make a needs analysis of your project and according to your space availability, star rating and budget we assist you in making the correct decisions regarding your equipment.

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